Wat te doen tegen mieren in de tuin?

mieren weren in de tuin

Some animals are beautiful, while others are just irritating. The latter is certainly the case with ants. It is simply not pleasant to have a large horde of ants in your garden. In this article we are happy to give tips on how to control ants outside in your garden. The first advice from our side is to always do this in a neat way. After all, ants are also animals and therefore do not deserve to be harmed. Therefore, do not fight ants with toxic substances.

mieren weren

mieren weren

What can you do to repel ants?

You basically have several options for repelling the ants. The most commonly used variant is undoubtedly the scattering of boiling hot water. This warm water causes the ants to die. In addition, it ensures that the ant nest is no longer livable for the ants. If you manage to keep this up for a few days, the ants will disappear from your garden very quickly. That’s nice, since you don’t want the ants near your dining table , for example. It’s a lot less pleasant to eat if you see ants all around you.

It is also possible to sprinkle pepper at the entrance of an ant nest. As a result, the ants stay in the ant nest, as they do not want to walk on pepper. This is an extremely effective way of not letting the ants get too close to your garden furniture, for example the lounge set.

Another option is to get started with copper or coffee grounds. By scattering coffee grounds over the terrace, you prevent the ants from getting on/near the terrace. This also applies to copper. It may be advisable to stretch a copper wire or to put a copper coin on the terrace. Ants do not like copper and therefore do not dare to come on the terrace.

Finally, we would like to recommend that you place certain plants in your garden. There are some plants that keep the ants away. Well-known examples of such plants are basil, nettle, marjoram, rosemary, mint and lavender. Additional advantage of these plants? You create more greenery in your garden and that definitely improves the appearance of your garden. In any case, it is quite possible to fight the ants outside in your garden. Try out the above options and enjoy a clean and hygienic garden without all kinds of insects.

What should you definitely not do?

Heb je last van een mierennest in de tuin? Dan moet je zeker niet de deur of de schuifpui open laten staan. De mieren kunnen namelijk óók naar binnen komen. Als er iets is wat je absoluut niet wenst te hebben, zijn het wel mieren in jouw huis. Let daarom goed op waar het mierennest zich bevindt en onderneem zo snel mogelijk actie. Met behulp van bovenstaande tips kan je in ieder geval de mierenplaag snel en efficiënt bestrijden.